Gachapon B-Grade Pins

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Gacha... PON! What's a gachapon?? It's a fun vending machine that dispenses capsules with toys and other goodies in them!

All of my B-Grade pins will be available as a random pull from the machine. Pins range from Robo Head designs to POP Wagons designs. Sometimes there will be some exclusive pins mixed in as well!

How to play? It's easy, follow these steps!

  1. Add as many plays to the cart as you want.
  2. Note your Instagram handle at check out.
  3. We will make an Instagram story video (this is where your handle comes in handy) and play your spins so you can see what you win!

What's a B-Grade pin? They are pins that have some minor cosmetic defect such as: scuff marks, scratches, dings, uneven fill paint, missing or chipped enamel, etc. This does not affect the functionality of the pin.

By purchasing a B-Grade pin, you acknowledge that these pins will have some sort of defect that was mentioned earlier.

  • Soft or hard enamel pins
  • 1.5"
  • Capsule not included
  • Sales are final